Ice Fishing At Moak Lodge Is An Experience You Will Remember Forever!

At Moak Lodge we generally take reservations from the middle of March up to the middle of April. Some years, depending on ice conditions, this can be extended a couple of weeks.

Ice fishing on Cross Bay has beenIMG_1587 very productive over the last few years. Once the ice is safe, heading to your favorite summer spot will usually produce fish at first and last ice. The main species being caught are Northern Pike, Walleye, Tullibee, and Burbot (eelpout). Nearby Footprint Lake has trophy sized Rainbow Trout.

Depending on snow conditions, transportation is usually best by quad or snowmobile.


Want to entertain yourself? Bring an underwater camera! Underwater visibility ranges from 6-8 feet in December all the way up to 15ft by early April!

Watching a big pike, walleye, or whitefish inspecting your lure can be very educational for both young and older anglers alike.

Ten minutes is all it will take to get you ‘hooked’.